On The Issues: Styrofoam Ban

Puna Candidates Discuss Styrofoam Ban

Hawaii County Council candidates Eileen Ohara and Madie Greene share their thoughts on banning polystyrene (styrofoam) on the island.

A bird eating styrofoam floating in the ocean

The Hawaii County Council recently defeated a measure that would have banned the sale of styrofoam containers on the island. Similar legislation had been enacted in many municipalities across the country.

Styrofoam is one form of plastic that is not recyclable in a cost effective, environmentally safe manner.  It creates major negative impacts because it is not absorbed naturally and breaks into tiny pieces that eventually make it into streams and the ocean.  These small pieces of Styrofoam are eaten by birds, fish, and marine animals who can’t digest the material causing mal-nutrition and death.

Candidate Eileen Ohara said, “We need to remove this material from our island’s environment. Given the amount of litter on our island that is Styrofoam, a ban on take-out containers seems a good place to start as the financial impact on consumers is minimal.”

Ohara would have supported the legislation banning styrofoam while her opponent, Madie Green, would have opposed it.

Please watch the short video for more on this topic.

From the Malama O Puna Candidate Forum July 14, 2016

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From the Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum October 5, 2016