On The Issues: Solid Waste

County Council Candidates Discuss Solid Waste Solutions

Candidates Eileen Ohara and Madie Greene discuss solutions to the Hilo landfill set to expire in the next 2 years.

The Hilo landfill has almost reached its maximum allowed height as permitted by state and federal law.

Eileen Ohara was Hawaii County’s first recycling coordinator in 2003 and designed the enhancement of the 21 island transfer stations allowing for recycling. “We have done everything mechanically possible to extend its life.  The County invested in a multi-million dollar building at the Hilo landfill intended to sort our waste by removing recyclable items such as paper, cardboard, and metals and compacting the rest for hauling to West Hawaii’s landfill which is large enough to handle the entire island’s waste for 75 years at least. Yet this facility isn’t being used for its original purpose!” she said.

cartoon of surfer catching a wave and then a wave coming from the trash at the landfill