On The Issues: Roads

Puna Candidates Discuss Roads

Candidates Eileen Ohara and Madie Greene discuss roads in Puna.

Moderator Rene Syracusa asked candidates whether dealing with roads in limbo in Lower Puna would be a priority if elected. Roads in limbo is a technical term that Ohara explains in her response. It is a different issue than dealing with private subdivision roads.

Ohara said, “road access in Lower Puna is one of the main issues that voters bring up.  We are the fastest growing district in the State and it is anticipated that the population in Lower Puna will grow from 22,000 people currently, to over 30,000 by 2040. With only one road in and out of the district, it is a top priority to deal with Puna roads now, as we cannot continue to put this issue off.  Aside from increased travel times on HWY 130 during commuting hours, we are often unable to get in or out of Lower Puna because of traffic accidents, flooding, and other types of road closures. Improving road connectivity is a top priority for me and an issue that I’ve been involved with for many decades.”