EILEEN OHARA - Passion, Integrity, Experience. Eileen Ohara with Dean Cevalos Eileen Ohara facilitating debat at HSRE community center Eileen Ohara Envision Downtown Hilo 2025 Eileen Ohara with Fred Blass in park blessing Eileen Ohara and Kukini Dog Agility Eileen Ohara HSCA Board President with board and staff Eileen Ohara supporting Rainbow Friends

Improve Infrastructure

  • Improve Public Safety in Puna; shorter response times, better use of technology

  • Expand Bus routes and develop Bike routes in Lower Puna

  • Address funding for Private roads open to the Public

  • Resolve Landfill replacement issue by supporting Resource Recovery

  • Push for a Wastewater Substation in Pahoa

  • Improve County Roadway Maintenance, initiate road repairs and better signage

  • Work with State DOT to improve and make HWY 130 safer 

Expand Educational and Economic Opportunities

  • Expand on-site Higher Education opportunities in Lower Puna

  • Work with businesses to expand Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Encourage partnerships to Revitalize/ Diversify Ag-businesses

  • Develop Technical Apprenticeship Programs to increase job skills

  • Work with Youth groups to improve educational outcomes 

Improve Quality of Life

  • Improve access to Health Care options in Lower Puna

  • Address Homelessness/Squatting in Lower Puna and in the County

  • Identify funding and solutions to end the Meth crisis

  • Obtain grant funds to address environmental issues such as Rapid Ohia Death, Little Red Fire Ants, and Rat Lung Disease

  • Obtain funding and services to help with social problems such as Mental Illness, Homelessness, and Domestic Violence

  • Obtain funding to encourage economic growth through improvements to Infrastructure, Entrepreneurial training, and building Leadership Capacity in the community.