Improve Infrastructure

  • Improve Public Safety in Puna; shorter response times, better use of technology; add new facilities and officers

  • Expand Bus routes and develop Bike routes in Lower Puna using a Spoke & Hub approach

  • Address funding for Private roads open to the Public and Connectivity between subdivisions

  • Resolve Landfill replacement issue by supporting Resource Recovery

  • Complete the Pahoa Village Master Plan and develop a Wastewater¬†Substation for Pahoa

  • Improve County Roadway Maintenance, initiate road repairs and implement better signage

  • Work with State DOT to improve and make HWY 130 safer¬†

Expand Educational and Economic Opportunities

  • Expand on-site Higher Education opportunities in Lower Puna

  • Work with businesses to expand Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Encourage partnerships to Revitalize/ Diversify Ag-businesses

  • Develop Technical Apprenticeship Programs to increase job skills

  • Work with Youth groups to improve educational outcomes¬†

Improve Quality of Life

  • Improve access to Health Care options in Lower Puna through support of Puna Community Medical Center

  • Address Homelessness/Squatting in Lower Puna and in the County

  • Identify funding and solutions to end hard drug use in our communities

  • Obtain grant funds to address environmental issues such as Rapid Ohia Death, Little Red Fire Ants, and Rat Lung Disease

  • Obtain funding and services to help with social problems such as Mental Illness, Homelessness, and Domestic Violence

  • Obtain funding to encourage economic growth through improvements to Infrastructure, Entrepreneurial training, and building Leadership Capacity in the community.