Running a campaign takes money. I plan to participate in the Partial Public Funding option which means the State Office of Elections will match up to $3,143 dollars of donations provided by Hawaii residents who donate $100 or less to my campaign. To qualify, we will need your name and address when you make a donation which you do either by sending a check made out to Friends of Eileen OHARA, to the campaign’s treasurer at PO Box 4923, Hilo, HI 96720 OR you can click on the Button below and make a donation that will be deposited directly into the campaign’s bank account.

Please click on the “Donate” button above and on the next page check the box   to provide your address.  We need that information to qualify for partial public funding of the campaign.  Mahalo!

Any way you wish to contribute, we thank you in advance for your support and remind everyone to vote in the Primary Election August 8th.


While financial resources are important, there are other ways to support my campaign.

SIGNAGE: We really appreciate any help that you can give to the campaign. If you would like to participate in putting up banners or posting a sign/banner at your home, please text me or send an email.

SIGN WAVING: We also count on supporters to help with sign waving. If you’re interested in helping with sign waving please drop me an email or text and you’ll be notified of the schedule once that is underway.

PHONE BANKING: If you would like to help with phone banking which you can do from home, please send a text or email. We’ll coordinate with you to send you a list of names and numbers

EVENTS: We may not have an opportunity to hold an event, but if that is a possibility before the Primary Election in August, please let us know what you might be willing to help with (music, sound system, venue, ticket sales, food)