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Mahalo to all who helped elect me to represent Lower Puna at the County Council in 2016!  I have lived in Lower Puna with my family for 38 years and been active in community, government, and local business. As your Council Member, I’ve worked to champion solutions to the issues we face in our district, also focusing on environmental goals as Chair of the Environmental Committee on the County Council. We were successful in passing the polystyrene ban on take-out containers. I was instrumental in getting the administration to rescind its cancellation of the Greenwaste/Composting contract which will convert all compostables including foodwaste.  This reduces waste entering our landfills and provides a source for high quality compost!  I’m working on expanding police services and road connectivity planning for Lower Puna including better bus services.  We’ll soon be starting the Master Plan for Pahoa Regional Town Center; a cornerstone action of the Puna Community Development Plan (CDP). Road work on Post Office Road will commence soon as will improvements to the county-owned major boulevards in the Lower Puna subdivisions. Working on adding a police mini-station at Pohoiki, as well as a full-service police station for Upper Puna to relieve stress on our Lower Puna station outside Pahoa.

We’re back on the campaign trail for the 2018 elections.  If you wish to help in the campaign, contact us from the CONTACT Page to indicate how you can help (sign waving, phone banking, event support). You can make a campaign donation from the Contribute Page via Paypal or your Credit Card.

Follow us on Social Media via the Friends of Eileen OHARA and get the word out about this race!  Our  local races are generally decided in the Primary Election which is Saturday, Aug. 11th. 

Mahalo for your Support! – Eileen O’Hara